In 2003, we started our adventure with motorcycles. A new business is a new challenge. To become known among   warehouses sellers and workshops owners, we released our first paper catalogue. It gave us a chance to get many new clients. Our company has become recognizable on Polish market. We signed up import agreements with new brands that we’ve been cooperating to till now (Wossner, Kellermann). We found many providers which made us able to widen range of accessories in our offer for well-known brands’ products (Highway Hawk, Shin-yo itp.)

The next year we started a cooperation to our friend from TRW company. We’ve become an official importer of this brand. The products with a red logo found in our offer and new contracts with other companies were planned (including TRW Biker Service which is still popular)

The year 2005 brought little change in our sales strategy. We’ve became available for detail clients through our Online shop (www.czesci-motocyklowe.pl). we created a basic structure for retail sales  and  in effect could reach most of the market.

In 2006 for the first time we took part in the biggest motorcycles markets  in Warsaw. Our offer met with a very positive reception (what convinced us to appear there again in 2007 and 2008). In our stand Suzuki GSXR 1100 was shown, which was constructed from our  parts by the known Warsaw custom company). Motorcycle exhibition gave us chance to get many new contacts. In 2006 our company engaged in an unusual project of one of our colleagues. His trip to Siberia took place thanks to our financial back up and the highest quality spare parts from our providers.

In 2008  we changed our logo and released a New catalogue with our accessories (website version). At the same time, we succeeded in  persuading the  German company ESJOT, the largest manufacturer of cogwheels in Europe, to become our supplier. As a result, we are able to deliver drives to almost every motorcycle ever produced now.

The year 2009 is the opening of a new online shop with an assortment of Wössner. In the same year, we’ve  started to sale  automotive pistons. For us it was an absolute novelty, but as always, we fulfilled the needs of the market and our importance as a company has increased. At the moment we have many regular customers in this area.

In 2010 we start to promote a new brand. Thank to our business partners and contacts we got on the motorcycles trade fair, we decided to start with our own, completely new brand. It was a challenge  to create something from the scratch. So we started to cooperate with factories which could assure us highest quality of products. As a result we launched on the market with  parts and accessories of RED PARTS. Our brand has been on the market for two years already and with no doubt we can admit it was a success. We’ve become recognizable on the Polish market  and at what is equally important, we’ve created a brand  that motorcyclists  trust.

In 2014, we decided to change business rooms and storehouse for bigger.  Our company moved  to a new place. From now on we had a showroom, an exhibition of products and  a storehouse in one place. It was a big logistical challenge to all workers but we managed to do it without stopping sale.

In 2016 we finally initiated the IT system automation, which had been planned for years. We started with a new Online shop, which has been directly connected to our storage system. From now on customers can see what we have in stock directly from a cart option. Wholesale zone is activated to our customers, working fast, efficiently and with no problems. Our offer has been widened for next thousands of products. Today, there are about 66,000 of different goods that are offered  in our distribution.