ESJOT-Antriebstechnik GmbH is a company that has been specializing  in the production of gears, extrusion and machining parts for over 80 years. As a supplier of driving systems, ESJOT also provides flange bearings, axles and gears for the shipbuilding industry, and much more. ESJOT products are manufactured according to German quality standards. Racks are a specialty of this company. High quality, good price and durability are the advantages of products “made in Germany”. Motorcycle technicians deal  with expectations and requirements received from well-known motorcycle riders.

ESJOT cooperates with a Japanese company, a manufacturer of world-known motorcycle chains: RK made in Japan. High quality and durability are distinguish features of these chains. ESJOT does not produce motorcycle chains, they are just bought in the company RK, then repacked in  ESJOT packages. Such action makes it easier to complete the purchase in one place. Both companies are equal, when it comes to the quality and durability of their products. Complete offer is available on our online store